Embark on a US Virgin Islands Adventure – Hike and Sunset Sail

It’s a beautiful day on the island – the sun is out and the breeze is so comforting. It’s my last full day on the island, and I have to make the best of it like I did yesterday and the day before. Every day on vacation is a memorable experience for me.


The day started with a plan to hike Ram Head Trail on St. John Island. The day ended with a hike on Lind Point Trail and a sunset sail that created lasting memories.

St. John Island is a beautiful island. Two-thirds of the island is a national park, making it a hiker’s paradise. I hope to hike all the trails on the island one day soon.

Our day started as any beautiful day on the island, but this time with a little more dose of sunshine. This was perfect for the adventure we were about to embark on. A 20 minute ferry ride across the Caribbean Seas took us from St. Thomas to St. John on this wonderfully beautiful sunny day.

The plan was to find our way to Ram Head Trail from the ferry port in St. John either by taxi or by bus. When it proved difficult, we walked 5 mins to the start of the Lind Point Trail; a decision we will be forever grateful for.


As we start to hike up the stairs and onto the trail, the cool weather is a welcoming feeling. At every twist and turn on this very well marked rocky trail, we are led through a beautiful path of nature – hills, beautiful trees, roots, rocks, hermit crabs, and so much more.

Lind Point Trail Head

Over rocky and muddy paths, we take each step with excitement and sips of cool water. We grab on a few branches to keep ourselves from slipping down muddy rocks, and stop a few times to admire some beautiful trees. 

We keep going, and what we see next is a picturesque scene of beautiful turquoise water sitting at the end of the trail waiting for us. Imagine our excitement! 

We kick off our shoes and dip it in sand and cool water, enjoying the views and watching people snorkel. 

Spending some time at Salomon Bay was an absolute joy.

Salomon Bay
Salomon Bay

Next, we throw our sneakers back on and head up the trail to our next stop.

Honeymoon Beach Sign

Another magnificent beach awaits us at the end of this trail. We dip our feet yet again in the clear turquoise water and spend sometime admiring the beauty.



Tip: Bring your bathing suit and a towel on this hike, because you will want to spend some time at both of these beautiful beaches. 

Honeymoon Beach

After about 2.3 miles of hiking, we walk down the street, grab a chair outside Sun Dog Café and enjoy delicious meals. 


What an amazing end to a wonderful day hiking with my childhood friend and her son.

crab meat sandwich

The Sunset Sail (St. Thomas)


Where do I begin? I booked this sail on a whim on the ferry, on our way back to St. Thomas. I cannot express enough how this experience is a memory that will last forever. 


From the crew, to the sunset views, the other guests, the snacks, and the amazing drop of sunset and mountains over the Caribbean Seas – this night is one I will hold close to my heart forever. 

Remember when we use to count the stars when we were young? I looked up at one point and my childhood memories came rushing back – I started counting the stars and it felt so good.


When you find yourself on the Virgin Islands, you should book this experience with this amazing boat crew.

boat with drink

My night keeps  getting better and better – I follow the sound of steel drums in the distance after the boat docks, and have a great time dancing to end this special evening.



I was so grateful to have had a time of my life on my last full day on the Virgin Islands.

I hope you always choose open roads to a new adventure.




  • sonia

    I haven’t been to St. john’s in years. Your post is making Me want to return and explore the hikes.

    • Eliza

      It is one of my favorite places now :). On my next trip, I plan to hike more trails.

  • sarah

    This brought back memories. Haven’t been to US Virgin Islands in years. I really Loved St John.

  • Gabby

    This place looks like a hidden gem! My hairdresser is from the US Virginia Islands, but she never mentioned how beautiful it is

  • Louise

    Wow! What a beautiful gem! One of the things I would like to Experience is sailing in the sunset. 😍

    • Eliza

      Sailing into the Sunset is now one of my favorite things. The mountains as a backdrop made it even so much better 😊.

  • Denise

    OMG! I need to swim in that water!

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