My Favorite Travel & Hiking Things


I absolutely love these items. I have the leggings in 4 different colors, and I’ve hiked in them in all seasons. They are still going strong after almost 2 years. This fast charging power bank is one of my favorite electronics. It holds a charge for hours. I have used it on long hikes and all day outings on vacation. I simply love it. 

The tripod and selfie stick is my newest favorite toy that I just cannot put down. It is very easy to use, and makes it so easy to take amazing pictures on a solo travel. It fits nicely in my small hiking backpack. These mini travel bottles will make life better if you are a hand luggage kind of traveler. TSA approved.

Want your perfume on vacation, but don’t want to carry the whole bottle, or can’t get it past TSA in your hand luggage? These TSA approved mini perfume refillable are simply perfect. I love this carry on backpack. It is very roomy, and fits in the airplane compartment easily. 

I don’t know why I waited so long to get this earplug. I can’t travel without this earplug anymore. I use to struggle with ear pain after a plan ride, and it usually took 2 days of vacation to get rid of the ear pain. With this earplug, I am a happy traveler again.

This rain jacket is the one you want on your hikes. It’s been a great addition to my hiking gear for two years now. I love these sneakers. I walked all over the Virgin Islands in these comfortable sneakers.

Let me tell you about this backpack – it is simply the best. It’s small enough not to feel heavy, but big enough to fit essentials. It is also very durable. It has been rained on and I’ve thrown it down on trails so I can scale rocks, yet it is still going strong after almost 2 years.