A Beach Hopping Day Trip on St. John Island: Explore the Beautiful Shores of the Virgin Islands

Water, Camera, Action – this beach girl is about to embark on a time of her life along the coast of the Caribbean Sea. The beach has always been my happy place, so when I got the chance to solo travel to the Virgin Islands, I knew beach hopping was in my near future.


St. John on the US Virgin Islands did not disappoint. This beautiful island, the smallest of the three islands, is a paradise for nature lovers. If you love beaches and hiking like I do, come on over with me as we beach hop around the island.

Experience every moment

Travelling from St. Thomas, I hop on a 20 minute ferry ride to Cruz Bay, St. John. As I walk off the ferry to the ferry dock, safari taxi drivers beckon to tourists asking for destination points. I hear someone ask about Trunk Bay, so Trunk Bay it is – the first beach on this beach hopping day.

Trunk Bay Beach

Trunk Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches you will ever come across. As I walk towards the beach, across the sand, to my right is the Trunk Bay Beach bar, and to my left you will find gear and beach chair rentals. Walk a few more feet, and you will be mesmerized by the most beautiful water you have ever seen.

I walk up and down the shore taking in the gorgeous views and enjoying the breeze. I just cannot get enough of this beautiful place.


After taking it all in, I sit and enjoy a mahi sandwich and pina colada at the Trunk Bay Beach bar. It was a wonderful few hours at Trunk Bay Beach.

Trunk Bay Beach
two surf boards
Burger and a drink

Trunk Bay is a beach you don’t want to miss – beautiful turquoise water, white sand,  and gorgeous mountain views.

Next, I hop on a safari taxi and head to Maho Bay.

Maho Bay

Ah! The wonderful fresh air of Maho beach. Maho beach is a smaller beach than Trunk Bay Beach, but is a gorgeous calm beach. If you look closely, you might just spot some sea turtles.


It felt so good relaxing at this beach, gazing at the skies, and simply being grateful to witness such beauty.

Maho Beach

Wondering where I am hopping off to next? Well, come on and let’s grab a safari taxi over to Cinnamon Bay Beach.


As we head over there, look around, and you will witness some beautiful water views.

Cinnamon Bay Beach

This is another one of my favorite beaches. When I get here, I first stop at a beautiful souvenir stop to grab a few St. John memorable items.


As I walk towards the beach, I hear the waves splashing against rocks, I notice the beautiful turquoise water – my excitement keeps building, and I know right away, I picked another amazing beach.


You can spend hours here relaxing, walking, snorkeling, and enjoying the breeze.

Cinnamon Bay Beach
Cinnamon Bay Beach
Cinnamon Bay Beach

I have one more place I need to stop – Hawksnest Beach, so off I go. Except this time, things don’t go as smoothly. I hop on a safari taxi and the driver drives right past Hawksnest beach and takes me to the ferry port. I try to get his attention for a few minutes, but unfortunately he couldn’t hear me going up and down the winding mountain roads.



Fortunately for me, when he realizes I need to go to the beach, he turns around and drops me off at Hawksnest beach. I am so happy I didn’t miss this beach.

Hawksnest Beach

This beach is beautiful. I dip my feet in the water and relax on the sand under the shade of a tree. I gaze up at the beautiful mountain view, and all I can think about is how lucky I am to have experienced some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Hawksnest Beach
Hawksnest Beach

So, this is how I spent a marvelous day on the island of St. John. I am a beach girl at heart, so anytime my feet touches the sand and I hear the waves, I know I am home.

I hope you always choose open roads to a new adventure.


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